Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dynamic Governance

It has been a very busy past couple months and now that we are officially in spring time here in the Northern Hemisphere things are going to get even busier here in the Land of Dandarius.  We have been working diligently setting up the partner program for the Seeds of Sustainability program and today we received an email from one of our partners that contained some information about something called 'Dynamic Governance'.  

The term intrigued us and we followed the links to a website called Governance Alive.  We downloaded the free pdf they offer on the home page called 'Creative Forces of Self-Organization' and what we learned catalyzed a very dynamic conversation amongst our team.  Here is an excerpt:

"Dynamic governance, or sociocracy, is a decision-making and governance method that allows an organization to manage itself as an organic whole. To make this possible, dynamic governance enables every sub-part of the organization to have an authoritative voice in the management of the organization."

This sounded like something we want to create within our business!  As we read on we learned that:

"...a dynamically governed business places control of a company in the hands of both stockholders and management and in both management and workers. It typically uses both autocratic and egalitarian decision-making. It provides both a security assurance and a creative stimulus. It is concerned with both profit and human values.By combining seemingly incompatible concepts, both/and thinking stimulates creative thinking and causes that seemingly chaotic thinking to self-organize into very practical solutions."

SeThInk Media wants to grow up to be a dynamically governed business and as we nurture this company we want to share the resources that we will be using with all of you who also have a strong desire to build or reshape your own business along similar lines.  

Happy Spring Planting to everyone!