Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - Year of Building Sustainable Structures & Systems

What a year 2010 has been and I am so happy that it is over in many ways...the beginning of a new decade is a fractal of a beginning of a new century in many ways.  2010 brought some very challenging transitions and SeThInk Media as a company did not quite meet the goals we had set forth for ourselves to achieve.

But a business that has no 'exit strategy' built into the plan (we have no intention of exiting) is destined to have a much longer start up process according to a business manager I had a chance to speak with.  The truth is that SeThInk Media is 'business unusual' and I am determined to see this company evolve into its potential without having to compromise or subscribe to old business model paradigms.

The promise of this coming year lies in the overall strategy to focus on publishing creative works that bring forth high quality contributions to the communities that we serve.  The recent launch of Jayátu has been not only a great success but also a real affirmation to the SeThInk team that it is possible to connect with folks who believe in their own art enough to show up for their success.  Jayátu as a human being has been a pleasure to work with on all levels and we have experienced the 'interdependent' partnership with him that we have been working so hard to create.

We foresee more such partnerships in this coming year manifesting and it is those authentic relationships that make all the thousands of hours that have gone into the SeThInk Media Sphere absolutely worth it.  We also have some exciting launches on the plate and some great projects with organizations that we have recently and over the years been involved with.

We have found ourselves recently in the position to assist these organizations with their web portals and this will help strengthen the sustainability community in the long run.  We are very excited to be able to be of service in that way...there is a rampant rip-off happening to organizations needing web technology support and we will be posting some articles about this phenomena over the coming months.  Unfortunately we cannot 'name name's' but we can certainly provide some profile information that will help educate the less tech savvy elders who are allocating way too much of their budgets on website development.

Overall we are in a nice momentum with as usual a never ending fountain of creative inspiration and ideas about how we can make our little contribution to the next generation and beyond.  The 'Wild West Web' will not be 'tamed' by the same structures and systems that got us into the current melt down.  The web and digital reality is only going to evolve through erecting sustainable structures and systems that are 'spherical' in architecture and absolutely built on authentic relationships that inevitably call forth the true spirit of community.   
Onward and upward is the sphere's natural spiral matter what way you move in a sphere it can always be experienced as forward right?

In Sustainable Solidarity