Friday, September 24, 2010

Transition 2010

Transitions are interesting because it places you between past and future - the present.  And because the present point of power is in the now choices are extremely important in shaping both past and future.  Yes, the past is also shaped in the present because the past is interpreted through your present understandings of a past experience.  My point is that the transitions that are happening on a global scale are being felt deeply by all of us and this summer has been (according to my present understanding) a summer of major transition.  
SeThInk Media became official sponsor of the Transition California Network at the beginning of July and taking over management of that network has been an honor and privilege bestowed upon us by the previous owner, founder of Hope Dance Bob Banner, when his path also transitioned.  The theme we have been seeing around us is folks really making solid directional choices which allow them to focus on their own personal paths of heart.  
Our company is also sponsoring several other networks that were threatened by Ning's decision to become a subscription platform.  Believe Africa and Children's Agenda International are two initiatives that we have ties with that we hope to be able to do more for than uphold their networks and site - we hope to be able to channel resources in the form of sustainable solution information, network connection, and of course good ole' fashioned money whenever possible. 

This summer we also have been working on the Interdependent Partner model that is based upon matching missions between business and organizations.  Mutual endorsement is a key component to the new model and we hope to be able to launch it with the 10% for the Planet project this coming winter.  
Another very important endeavor that has received a great deal of our time is launching the Seeds of Sustainability Living Oil business.  This is the first 'brick and mortar' project that we have attempted and it has proved to be highly educational for us.  We of course bring sustainable agendas to anything we touch and the Living Oil business is no exception.  We are learning about carbon footprints of food production and the supply chains that have been created around the 'organic' label.  Hot tip to anyone who has land - GROW ORGANIC SUNFLOWERS!  If you live in California let us know and we will definitely partner up with you to buy your whole crop.  
It has also come to our attention that the time is now to bring Low Impact Sustainable Development protocols that were established by the Lammas EcoVillage in Wales to the United States.  We are in the process of forming a local citizens committee and will keep you all posted as our efforts develop.  Our goal is to create an easy to duplicate process that can be accessed by anyone via digital media/publications around the country.   We of course have to test drive and fund it here in our own local community so we will be documenting the process as we go along.  

So as we continue our participation in the weaving of the sustainable matrix we find ourselves in constant gratitude to be able to witness The Great Transition as it is happening.  

In Sustainable Solidarity