Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 - Year of the Black Water Dragon

We stepped out of the January 1st 'new year' hoopla in favor of celebrating the beginning of this epic year on the 'Lunar New Year' as celebrated by the Chinese culture for millenniums.  The ending of the Mayan 13th Baktun and the beginning of the 14th inspired us to switch our own clocks and calendars around the traditional 'new year' and we expect more interesting calibrations will be occurring throughout the year for us.  So Happy New Year everyone! 

SeThInk Media's goals for 2012 are still being formulated by our team and we have spent the past few weeks looking back on 2011 - the year we deemed as the 'Year of Building Sustainable Structures & Systems and Laying the Four Corners Foundation'.  

Now that it is over we are calling it the 'Year of DeConstruction' because old structures and systems had to be torn down, bulldozed, blown up, annihilated, and occasionally simply flushed down the toilet before we could even think about building anything.  And the four corners foundation?  That was an idea we had around establishing solid partnerships with various 'non-profits' and indigenous groups for the purpose of furthering the 'Low Impact Sustainable Development' agenda.  The comedy in those efforts provided ample cushion for the disappointments that our team experienced when those whom a great deal of energy was given to were either to afraid to trust something 'new' or simply did not understand the opportunity that was being presented.   

Last week we were inspired with a conversation with the authors of 'Collaboration Soup'...they contacted us to interview us about our business and projects efforts to form partnerships and group initiatives.  They wanted to know what kinds of challenges and obstacles we have faced so we gave them a good overview that we hope gives their next publication some solid material around the subject.  After the call ended we realized that we had lost a great deal of heart this past year and we resolved ourselves to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get back into the ring.  Not all of our efforts were in vain and Paula & Delia (authors of Collaboration Soup) had a special way of re-inspiring us to go forth.   
So our first commitment for the year is going to be broadcasted on Monday - Chinese New Year - on the Transition California Network. 

We hope your year is starting out with heart and determination!  It is the year of the Dragon so there will be plenty of fire for our collective and individual dreams and goals...

In Sustainable Solidarity