Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer 2012 Report

We’re back!
What a hot tumultuous summer it has been for our team!  The whole SeThInk Media matrix and networks have not been updated or managed since Earth Day and we hope no one has missed us too much.  We did receive some emails asking what is going on and why no broadcasts were being sent on our networks that we sponsor and there were many new members of our networks who had to wait sometimes 2 weeks for approval because we were not at the wheel.  So what has been happening?

Many of you can understand the spring frenzy of planting food gardens and of course April/May daylight hours were absorbed by such endeavors.  We decided we were going to do container planting this year which we had never done before so we had to take the little green house starts through their whole birth to suitable pot.  

The 20+ yards of awesome compost/soil that we moved from our old place to this new headquarters got sucked up pretty fast and figuring out the water needs of all the different veggies in their containers took some time to master.  It is not as big as a garden as last years but all the plants are flourishing as you can see from the pics. 

July has been a big month for us as well because with the new team members joining us we needed to expand our infrastructure and we decided that yurts were exactly what we needed to accommodate everyone’s basic needs.  Planning for the sites and building the platforms are still in process as I type but it should be completed the first week of August. 

Another major thing that set us back on the clock was the land we are on has a serious water issue (well) and several times the well would dry up and we had to do all day shifts giving CPR to our fruit trees, veggies, plants, and areas that needed irrigation.  That was pretty frustrating and the weird thing was when the guy came to check the well his tests showed a good flow and nothing wrong – since last week when he came it has not dried up once.  We think he is a ‘Well Whisperer” or some kind of water mojo priest. 

We knew at the beginning of 2012 that our calendar/clock paradigm and activities for the year would most likely be challenged and we expect the rest of the this closing of the cycle is best not overly ‘planned’ so I am going to just apologize ahead of time for our absence in cyber-space and I am confident that most of you would agree that spending hundreds of hours online during this year would not be what your first choice would be either. 

So until next time when the universe allows me to sit at the screen I trust you are all staying cool this summer and riding the major waves of change with hearts and souls intact!

In Sustainable Solidarity