Thursday, December 9, 2010

SeThInk Media is proud to present…JAYÁTU

It always amazes me how things synchronize and come together when you hold unwavering intent.  For the past year we have been scouting for the perfect subject to feature in volume II of the Seeds of Sustainability Education Series which is being developed using the10 branches of the Interdependent Tree of Sustainability.

Tree of Sustainability
Volume 1 was based on the first branch, 'Sustain Yourself' and DVD was about the Marche Sprouting Method which made its debut in Nov. 2009.  The next branch is the "Path of Beauty" and the basic premise is that sustainable living is not just formulas, technologies, and is also living life with heart and walking a path of beauty...otherwise what is it you are sustaining?

Path of Beauty
The 'Path of Beauty' show and page on the Interdependent Project website showcases the arts, music, literary masterpieces, and poetry.  It is within all of these arts, both in the active creation of and passive absorption of, that life becomes a showcase for our hearts and hearts desires.  It would be futile to attempt any kind of serious change in lifestyle and behavior without inspiration and affirmation of the infinitely creative self.

So our dilemma revolved around the question 'how can we produce volume 2 along the Path of Beauty theme?'  The goal of the series is to inspire and support folks in making a transition to sustainable living and the Path of Beauty theme needed to feature at least one of the 'arts' in that context.

Then on a beautiful autumn day this fall we received an invitation from dear friends to attend a private 'storytelling' gathering with a man who was a professional storyteller whose stories revolve around children, nature, and of all personages - John Muir!

We attended this gathering and as we sat spellbound and enchanted I said to myself, 'oral storytelling is the best way to convey and transmit new information to the human mind in ways that it can accept...especially when beauty encapsulates the story."

We spoke with the storyteller during the after-party and our conversation quickly revealed mutual ideologies and the gentleman felt a deep synchronicity in meeting us and learning about our digital publishing company because he had been looking at the idea of launching his art form out on the web to a wider audience.

Well when things line up we don't hesitate to come into alignment and after weeks of exciting production SeThInk Media is proud to present -  JAYÁTU - A Tale Feather of the Golden Eagle....   Jayátu is launching with 3 unique storytelling collections just in time for the holiday season. For Jayátu, what began as an environmental education device has blossomed into a tried and true way to ensure that the first of the next 7 generations have a clear view of the possibilities of the future, and a reminder of the ancient knowledge we all share that for thousands upon thousands of years was passed down through the spoken word.

The oral tradition is a vital component to the evolution of human consciousness, and one of the surest ways to remind people of all creeds and cultures just how similar we all truly are. Stories point to what is universal within us, the possibilities of remembering that underneath all the apparent differences, we are one human family with one home that we are collectively responsible for caring for.

To kick off this exiting event and to celebrate the continuance of the oral tradition through the stories of Jayátu, SeThInk Media is producing a special debut video featuring Jayátu sharing a special holiday story and an audio recording of the unpublished ‘Trees’ story as a free gift to friends of Jayátu.  Here is the invitation!

In Sustainable Solidarity