Monday, December 31, 2012

Post 2012 - A New Beginning

2012 was a powerful year of reviewing, strengthening, reconciling, building, establishing, and reuniting with our core intention.  

We began the year with a major physical move to a new headquarters where we intended to spend the year nurturing our core team/family and relax into 'thrival' mode.   The place we moved to was perfect for our future plans and we were confident at that time that we could begin to build a solid foundation for our 'post 2012' agenda.  

The house was not big enough though to accommodate our needs so we set about the task of finding Yurts that would become our extra 'round footage'.  
We contacted Spirit Mountain Yurts in New Mexico and met the owner, Nalina, in whom we found a kindred spirit dedicated to the same principles that drive our own endeavors.   

The Solar Eclipse in April brought unexpected but very welcome new team members into our sphere.  Darkin Tanner and Erinn Ramirez began their 'think outside of the box' orientation and training with gusto.  The need for the extra office space became crucial after they began their training and all of our online projects had to be put on hold during the late spring and summer months due to unexpected time constraints.

Moving Lemon Tree closer to water source
There we major issues on the land related to water which also ate up countless hours but we were determined to keep our garden growing (it was small and primarily in pots this year).    

The summer days were filled with gardening, building yurts, and calibrating with the new environment and team members.  The Yurts ended up being a major undertaking because they were 'fortress yurts' built with real doors, windows, and wood paneling on the inside.  We were also creating a 'how to set up' video for Nalina so each step had to be filmed while we rode the learning curve ourselves.  It was challenging but we had a great deal of fun!

By the time the fall leaves were turning color all of our network management and projects fell into neglect but we kept coming to a place in ourselves where we felt that 2012 was a pretty crazy year with the human collective going through a myriad of freak outs related to end of the world scenarios, new age spiritual ascension plans, political chaos with the 2012 elections, 16 mass shootings in the US giving the general population monthly shock therapy, the London Olympics, Hurricane Sandy, and general depression over the economy.  

Erinn's Melon
Cleaning Walnuts
 We figured no one was really going notice us taking the year we harvested our garden bounty, cleaned and cured walnuts from our walnut tree, raked leaves and quietly planned our 'post 2012' agenda.  

Most of our goals that we set for ourselves in 2002 have been achieved and now we are ready to embark upon our 7 year agenda that culminates in 2020.  We will be posting about it as it unfolds and we are confident that everyone is now ready for 'New Beginnings' and perhaps even take some time to notice that we are still here...  
Raking the Leaves

Element takes the dive

In Sustainable Solidarity ~