Friday, June 25, 2010

Zero Degrees at Ground Zero

I am not much of an astrologer but I know enough that when an outer planet changes signs it is a pretty big deal.  The big players these past few months have been Saturn (Time & Structure) and Uranus (Timing & Change).  Also just in the past couple weeks Jupiter joined the party (Expansion & Wisdom).  

The gulf oil spill has tipped the scales and it seems we are deep in the collective shift at this point that will inevitably lead toward a more sustainable world.  In the Dandarius Sphere these past few months have seen big changes that are opening new doors of possibilities and it appears some doors are closing that represented outworn and outdated beliefs and structures.  I always welcome change and I believe the recent shifts and changes will further SeThInk's long term mission and strategies in extremely positive ways.  

We are working on a new partner model that will be easily implemented by non-profits and 'Common Good 'B' Corp' businesses.  Getting new models and maps on paper is always the challenging part - easy to talk about but challenging to map out.  The new model is coming together from ideas that I have worked on as well as many others - below is from an article we found on the World Watch Institutes website called the 'Essential Role of Cultural Pioneers':

"Considering that consumerism is such a powerful
force and that the majority of resources
and wealth are still overwhelmingly being
used to stimulate it, how realistic is it to think
that the pattern can shift? James Davison
Hunter’s analysis of how cultures change is
instructive. As Hunter, the Director of the
Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at
the University of Virginia, explains, cultural
change can best be understood not through
the Great Man approach (whereby heroic individuals
redirect the course of history), but
through the Great Network approach. “The
key actor in history is not individual genius
but rather the network.”
Full Article here

The Interdependent Project is up for a new direction through a new partnership we are exploring as well and during the month of July we are partnering with the local sustainability center offering Seeds of Sustainability workshops.  We are also looking into partnering with the Alchemical Nursery Project as fiscal sponsor of the Green Fire Foundation. 

Interdependence Day/Solstice was selfishly spent with my wife and CEO at a sacred lake where she was conceived and we enjoyed the 3 day passage that marked our anniversary of meeting - which was when 'Dandarius' was conceived as well.  We met on Solstice and thus we hold that time to be not only sacred as World Peace Prayer Day and Interdependence Day, but as the day we were reunited.  So we did not do any special online announcements or activities this year - it was time to go in and recharge ourselves within our own interdependent sphere.  

As the planets are stationed at 0' degrees transition it feels good for me to be at ground zero where all potentials can be viewed and I feel the power of choice rise within me that will manifest those potentials.

In Sustainable Solidarity