Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Transitions...and "Happy Winter Solstice!

After the last post the universe decided that we needed a bit of a change of environment and we embarked upon our own 'Great Transition' of sorts.  You never can tell what the meaning of something may be in terms of sudden ultra aligned opportunities and I have always believed it is best to act first and then ask questions later when faced with advantageous opportunities so we made the leap and landed well on new land just 18 miles and 400ft elevation drop from where we previously called home - WE MOVED!  

Lady D and Fawn
Justin, Leah, & Lil' Sheeba
The deal breaker was the fruit and nut trees well established and an awesome barn for our horses.  Don't get me wrong, we loved the old historic/rustic barn that we rebuilt when we moved into the old place but we only had 1 horse when we arrived and our herd has grown to 5 now. 

So that is how we spent our Fall - moving.  We launched the 'A New We 2012' campaign and Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Community Network successfully on 11.11.11. but then had to immerse ourselves in the monumental task of uprooting 3 years worth of land (trees, herbs, flowers etc - yes we took everything...even the rocks) and preparing our *Ka-tet for the transition...

Thus the lack of presence online and also now the huge backlog of work we have to do to play catch up on within our ever expanding and evolving web matrix.  

Those who know us well are always asking us how we manage to handle our work load and we always tell them that having long term strategies and a sustainable agenda makes it possible because even when we hit the pillow after what can feel like a decade of work crammed into a 24 hour period of time we have a deep sense of well being that comes from having unwavering intent.  

Tonight is Winter Solstice eve and the wireless is up and running on all of our computers now so we will send out the Happy Solstice broadcasts and tomorrow light a fire to renew our spirits and perhaps get a glimpse into the coming epic year of 2012...
May you all have a bright and happy solstice day and may your holiday celebrations be blessed.  

In Sustainable Solidarity

*Ka-Tet: Literally speaking, ka-tet means "one made from many." Ka refers to destiny; tet refers to a group of people with the same interests or goals. Ka-tet is the place where man's lives are joined by fate.