Friday, November 19, 2010

4 Years Go

Every now and then a campaign comes to our attention that we cannot stop ourselves from becoming involved with.  The 4 Years Go initiative is the most recent campaign that immediately inspired our participation.  SeThInk Media is now an official allied organization and we are excited to be able to participate in this initiative through developing our own '4 year' agenda and sharing this campaign with all of our network communities.  

One of the awesome resources allied organizations have is access to conferencing tools which make it possible to connect with folks from all around the world around specific agendas.  We started a 'Transition California 4YG Action Group' and will be test driving this conferencing tool on Nov. 22.  This group is just now forming and it is our goal to have this group write articles for the 4 Years Go main blog about all of the awesome efforts and progress the Transition California community members are making all across the state in their own personal lives and hometowns.

SeThInk Media is proud to be an allied organization and we invite you to make your own commitment to helping change the world to a more just, peaceful, and sustainable reality for all.  Let's see what we can all do in 4 years...GO!

In Sustainable Solidarity