Friday, December 11, 2009

Website Launched

It sat for many moons with a 'under construction' status and we are stoked to have it up. It always feels like giving birth to a cyber-baby and just like any biological baby these web-babies take constant nourishment and care.
We decided to not have a drop-down navbar because we wanted the site to have a 'spherical' look - we imagine that as the company grows we will have to figure something else out but for now we like the custom look. So the journey begins here...SeThInk Media is going to experiment with the concept of 'corporate transparency' so we recommend subscribing to this blog because we are going to be logging this companies development in ways that are completely 'outside of the box'. It is late as I type so I am off to sleep - so I will begin the official "President's Log" in my next post.

In Spherical Solidarity
Daniel Cavallaro

President SeThInk Media

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